Little Shells

For Little Shells’ new release we created a look that was carried out through cd, video, web, and press material. The direction matched the somber theme of the album — a search for closure and understanding of existence after death.
Art Direction, Development, Film, Interaction Design, Video

The visual experience of Conchita Campos’ 5 Deep Under is a “dance” of sort in which burden is a being, never thanked, but long wearied and searching for closure just like every one of us.

The video is a Butoh inspired piece exploring the burden of existence. Our protagonist floats through life getting heavier by each burden encountered before she embraces the bright light and sees what’s possible when burden is no more.

We continued the theme for the digital release by using projections created from the video to help create a playable web experience. In conjunction with the digital release of the album each track was released every hour on the website.

Creative Direction, Design: Jacques Dupoux
Director: Mtume Gant
Design, Photography: Janet Woo
Director of Photography: Frankie Turiano
Production Assistants: Patrick Chang, Moubarack Nikiema
Cast: Dawn Akemi Saito, Brian Redondo, Darlene Arrington, Una Osato
Website: Jacques Dupoux, Shawn Mathews, Aaron Lord