We helped LE BLOC establish a look that spoke to who they are and showed off their high-end photo retouching and post production work.
Brand Identity, Development, Interaction Design
Le Bloc Business Cards
Le Bloc Splash page
Le Bloc on tablet and mobile device

We worked collaboratively with the team at LE BLOC on shaping their brand and online presence. As a new company, they needed a site that would attract potential clients. So we helped them to gain visibility and credibility by letting their work do the talking.

To start, we created a logo that was modern, symbolizing their high quality approach and strong ties to fashion.

For the website we created a layout that forced the focus on their work. Each screen is covered with photos in a responsive fluid grid that changes based on screen size. By making the site fun to look and play with, we could increase user engagement.

Finally, to ensure the site was updated and kept ‘fresh’, we built a customized CMS that worked with LE BLOC's workflow. It easily handled the massive intake of hi-res photos and quickly optimized them for delivery on different screen resolutions. For LE BLOC, updating their site is as simple as dragging and dropping photos in a square box.

Creative Direction, Design: Jacques Dupoux
Developers: Aaron Lord, Jacques Dupoux