Global Music Rights

Global Music Rights (GMR) is a performance rights organization that licenses the music of world renowned artists including Pharell Williams, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, and a host of others. We helped create an intuitive and fast search to find their songs.
Development, Interaction Design

We were first hired by GMR to design and build internal web tools to help them manage their roster of clients and music. When they decided to make their catalogue of songs available to the public, GMR hired DUPO to create a search tool that looked good and was intuitive for music supervisors to find songs they wanted to license.

For phase one of a two phase project we built an API to make the auto-suggest feature fast. Super fast. To do so meant refactoring their current site and giving the infrastructure an upgrade to help support it.

We aimed for a design that would make search feel like a natural extension of the current website but still be its own standalone screen where search could be the main focus. In only two clicks you can find details of a song. Typing brings up an auto-suggest field that helps narrows the user’s search. Because it’s so intuitive it strengthens GMR’s brand as a company that is elegant and easy to work with.

And to help with the future enhancements we added analytics to track how search is being used. Now real user data can assist in making design and strategy decisions.

Design, Development: Jacques Dupoux
Development: Aaron Lord